iOS 8, with some rocking new features

iOS 8

Apple has introduced a new version of its mobile Operating System the iOS 8 at its annual world Wide Developers Conference on June 2 2014. The iOS 8 is comprised with new features for end users as well as with a lot of additional compatibility for app developers with 4000 New APIs. Below are some of the new features and updates in iOS 8:

  • Interactive Notification
  • Improved Task Switcher
  • SpotLight
  • Message
  • iCloud Drive
  • Keyboard
  • Mail
  • Continuity
  • Health
  • Photos
  • Family Sharing

Interactive Notification: Now Notification banners are more interactive, you can reply to Messages, Emails, Reminders, Like or Comment on Facebook Posts directly from the notification banners and the best part is that it will work even when the screen is locked. It will also support for third party applications.

Improved Task Switcher: In iOS 7 when user double clicks on home button it will shows the recent apps we used , Now in iOS 8  it shows recent apps as well as the recent contacts with their thumb nail, so the user can tap on their thumb nail to call, message or even start FaceTime Call. User can also view their Favourites contacts by swiping right.

Spot-Light : Spot Light is now brighter and better!!!

It now works somewhat like other search engines where you get information from the internet but it does have some added features. For example in Spot Light if you search for a movies name it bring up the theatres nearby playing the movie and it also shows iTunes content for streaming likewise, we can search for News, Apps and songs which are in the iOS device  it also searches for Apps from App store, iTunes content, Nearby Places and websites. If we search using safari it will give Google suggestion and information from Wikipedia.

Message: New improved Message app lets users share their and there is also a tap-to-talk feature allows the user to send voice recording and video files. Also user can create group messages, send media files and can view the attachments. In group message user can assign Don’t Disturb mode for the particular thread also can leave the thread at any time. If user receive the audio file and if the screen is locked then user raise their the phone to ear and they will be able to hear the voice message and can reply to the message too in same way, the user has to just raise their phone and say the message and lowering the phone will send the voice message.

iCloud Drive: Now user can store their files in iCloud Drive and open these files from any other device iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or windows PC.

Keyboard: New typing technology in iOS 8 is called Quicktype it gives smart typing suggestion based on the user typing habit and messages received. For example user get the Message like “Do you want go for dinner or Movie?” In typing suggestion the user will have Movie and Dinner.

Mail: Mail app in iOS 8 will allow the users to Flag or Unflag their mail by swiping, long swipe to delete the mail and swipe left to customise the mail to mark Read/Unread. User can Swipe down to hide the mail composer sheet and get back to the mail composer by tapping the bottom of the screen and they also have an option to add any event to calendar from mail app.

Continuity: Greater continuity between iPhone, iPad and Mac, including Handoff to start an activity on one device and finish on another, along with Instant Hotspot and the ability to make and receive calls and send SMS and MMS messages from your Mac or iPad. Additional announcement that add communication between Mac and iOS device includes AirDrop.

Health: Health App gathers the health information you choose from various other apps and provides you with clear and current overview in one place.

Photos: Apple includes more image effects and using iCloud all photos you take will be available on all your devices in original format and resolution.

Family Sharing: In iOS 8 Apple has introduced family sharing, making it easier to communicate and share purchase, calendar events and photos with in household. Up to six members can participate with their own Apple devices.

ID: Parents can create Apple ID for their children, which include the question parental permission for purchase.