Apple iWork Applications Features for iPad

iWork applications features for the iPad are out on Apple’s site. iWork for iPad will offer multi-touch versions of Apple’s Keynote, Pages, and Numbers productivity applications.

Features for keynote:

•    12 Apple designed themes for presentations to choose from.

•    Tap-to-add functionality supporting photos, video, shapes, tables, charts, and text.

•    Objects can be easily dragged, resized, twisted to a new location using the iPad’s multi-touch technology.

•    Using optional iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter can easily connect iPad to a TV, monitor, projector, or LCD display.

Features for Pages:

•    Edit your documents with 16 Apple-designed templates for easy creation of simple text documents, newsletters, brochures, flyers, and other content.

•    With a large on-screen keyboard, you can rapidly enter text. It is also facilitated by its auto-correct feature that corrects spelling, inserts punctuations, and suggests words.

•    Offers layout tools for pages to add and resize images, format text, and allowing users to add and resize images, create lists, format text, and set margins, tabs, headers, and footers.

Features for numbers:

•    Apple offers 16 templates for spreadsheet formatting, table functionality with automatic sum, min, max, count display for data selections, and simple forms for easily entering data and automatically updating spreadsheets.

•    Numbers has calculation engine with more than 250 functions.

•    All iWork applications support to import iWork file formats and export their spreadsheet as Numbers, pages, and keynote files for Mac or PDF documents.

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