Worth the wait with new features for iPad 3

As Apple prepares to release its newest next generation tablet, rumors about iPad 3 is going crazy. In the coming months, iPad fans are expected to have a glimpse of this widely talked about tablet and users are far too eager to find everything they can about the new improved features, innovative specs, and some of the biggest updates about iPad.

From simple features like a highly improved camera resolution to a seemingly farfetched report about a “transparent and rimless body” and a new thunderbolt docking port, both iPad users and critics are hoping for the best for the next generation iPad tablet. And as 2011 draws to an end and holiday shopping begins, buyers are thinking whether it is worth to wait for the launching of this cool new tablet or everything said about the new iPad is all rumors and nothing else.

According to the evaluation of respected analysts, it seems safe to assume that iPad 3 is indeed worth the wait especially when you are really expecting for the innovative improvements that Apple supposedly integrated into its new tablet. On the other hand, it will still be up to the consumer to decide whether to believe these rumors because setting a very high expectation could easily lead to a much bigger disappointment should it turns out that everything is a hoax.

Among the widely circulated report is the release date of the iPad 3. Some say that iPad 3 could be available for launching in time for Christmas but some say that this could prove to be a herculean task according to some tech analysts. Because of these misgivings, new rumors emerged and said that the date for the release could be around Fall next year. Based on most reports, the release date could be sometime in mid March or mid April 2012. But if Apple is able to push it through, the release date could be as early as February next year. Richard Gardner, an analyst from Citi pointed out that Apple “might” release iPad 3 on the 24th of February in honor of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs in time for his 57th birthday.

On the other hand, those who are anticipating for a much earlier February release date could expect some disappointment. Pushing the launch date as early as February is something that may be done by Apple during its earlier years. However, ever since the mega tech corporation became the leading name in smart phones and tablets, as well as some of the technical glitches that plagued the company, Apple will certainly do well to wait giving possibility for a March or April release date.

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