Apple releases guided tour videos for iPad Software

Apple has posted on its website video tours for iPad software including Safari browser, iBooks, Keynote, videos, photos, pages and numbers. Each video demonstration of iPad software is in-depth and allows watching all of them in one giant guided tour. In addition to this, you can download the four Apple created iPad applications from the app store.

The iBooks promote users to discover the joy of reading all over again, intends the application’s ability to open the titles from the bookshelf and flip pages similar to a book.

The keynote video notes software works in landscape mode since the slides are in horizontal mode. With the help of Keynote, you can create excellent presentations for pictures, charts, graphs and other visuals.

Photo tour makes users to feel that they are holding their pictures right in their hands and absolutely natural by using the big multi-touch purpose on iPad.

The Pages video gives an easy way to “dive right in and start writing” with the 16 Apple-designed templates included with software. It also has the ability to hold the iPad with the keyboard dock or wireless Bluetooth keyboard and files can be converted as Pages, PDF and Word documents.

Similar to Pages, Numbers also bring forth 16-Apple-designed templates. Dynamic virtual keyboard easily accommodates for entry of dates, numbers, text or mathematical formulas and integrated calculator includes 250 functions.