Apple iPad 3G Data Plans Start at just $14.99

iPad surprised the world with better than expected price for data plans. The best way to stay connected with iPad is with Wi-Fi + 3G. Almost all iPad models come with built-in 802.1 In Wi-Fi.

By choosing iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G one can extend their network coverage and recommended to signup for access to 3G data service. Wi-Fi + 3G iPad offers super fast data speeds up to 7.2 Mbps over 3G cellular networks around the world, it is perfect when you’re out and about with no access to a Wi-Fi network, because you can still get a fast connection for surfing the web, sending and receiving email, or getting directions.

AT&T 3G Data Plans for iPad start at:

$14.99 per month for 250MB
$29.99 per month for Unlimited Data

With AT&T data plans, you’ll have access to over 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, including Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and more.

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