What makes Android different?


Early this month during the developer’s conference, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had pointed that KitKat the latest release from Android is being only by 8.5% of Android users compared to iOS, where as 74% of the users are with iOS 7. And he actually did miss out a very important note, firstly there is not much difference between the two Android versions JellyBean (4.3) and KitKat (4.4).The combined users of JellyBean and KitKat are more than 72% per cent, and this is based on the latest information which was released by Google itself.

And the next important thing that he missed out is that Android KitKat users has gone up more than 60% that is from 8.5% to 13.6% and this happened within a span of 20 day, which is actually huge and no one else has achieved this, So when you are looking at iOS and Android there is a huge difference because iOS works only on Apple’s devices where as Android being an open source is available for most of the device manufacturers so what this does is, it actually slows down the process the reason being when an Android version is released the device manufacturers have to customize the Android version and make it work on their devices. Moreover it’s Android that is spearheading smart-phones and not iOS. These are some of the key difference that differentiate Android from iOS, below are some that everyone knows.

Transferring Data using WiFi – For instance you want to transfer huge files say something close 1GB, in that case WiFi Direct will be able to this for you within a few minutes. Since most of the phones are directly connect with each other there is no need for a WiFi network at that point.

NFC paring –NFC (Near Field Communication) all you have to do is just tap two devices with NFC together to pair them and you can even communicate with smart posters using NFC. Through NFC payments can also be enabled, all you have to do is just your credit/debit card with your android device and you can make the payment from your mobile itself.

OTG file transfer – In other words called USB on the go, all you have to do is just plug in your hybrid USB flash drive in the phone and you can copy/paste the information you like from either or. Whereas in Apple you don’t have you the convenience to even open a file explorer which lets you accesses all the files in the device.

 Keyboard – In Android the users are allowed with awesome options on their keyboard such like Swipe and Slide. Here the keyboard does more than just suggesting words what it does is, it learns your style and it offers you with loads of input options which make things easier for the user. Whereas in Apple devices you only have a fixed keyboard.

Can Block spam – With Android you have the choice to block unwanted messages and calls and it also allows you to make your own block list whereas you cannot do this on iOS devices as it does not allow access over their own app’s.

Change its looks – there are millions of iPhone and everything looks similar there are hardly any difference between 2 iPhones. But on the other hand Android offers its users unlimited customization. There are many launcher apps that are available that changes the look and feel completely.

Automation – Compared to iOS there are a lot of widgets in Android and the best feature if of Android is its automation if you have setup for WiFi to turn on automatically, so when you reach home of office your WiFi turns on automatically, whereas this is not available on iOS.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told all the attendees during WWDC that in the last 12 months there are more that 130 million new Apple customers and that most of them have switched over from Android. He also sd that these costumers must have felt that they have bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then choose Apple in search of a better experience. Here I would like to quote what I said earlier ‘Android is the spearhead of the smart-phones, there are more Android users throughout the world compared to iOS.’