The World Wide Developers Conference: What was Missing

The World Wide Developers Conference 2014 saw a lot of technology and innovation. While it did offer quite a few surprises, there were some elements missing. Here are some things I was looking forward to find announced at the WWDC 2014, but had not found its way there. While most of Apple’s products have found[…]

iOS 8, with some rocking new features

Apple has introduced a new version of its mobile Operating System the iOS 8 at its annual world Wide Developers Conference on June 2 2014. The iOS 8 is comprised with new features for end users as well as with a lot of additional compatibility for app developers with 4000 New APIs. Below are some[…]

Yosemite! The new Mac OS 10.1.0

Every year, there is a lot expectation from the Apple lover, with regards the latest release on the new OS versions. The most awaited WWDC (Apple’s worldwide developer conference) is being held from June 2nd in San Francisco, California. It was here, Apple announced the release of the new Mac OS x Yosemite (10.1.0) with[…]