Top 10 paid and Free iPhone Apps, November 10, 2014 by App Store

This week November  10, 2014 top 10 Paid and Free iPhone Apps at App Store: Top Paid iPhone Apps: 1. Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon 2. Minecraft – Pocket Edition, Mojang 3. Heads Up!, Warner Bros. 4. Afterlight, Afterlight Collective, Inc 5. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB 6. Buddyman: Kick 2 (by Kick the[…]

Finding Your Application Developer in the Online Marketplace

The immense popularity of online marketplaces like eBay and Flipkart has paved the way for a new trend in technology, offering services like application development online. This is great news for application developers who are just starting out their careers. Through a marketplace, they will get to advertise and market their services and find a[…]

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Tizen OS

The Tizen OS, which has been talked about for quite some time now, has finally emerged into the market. Samsung is moving away from Android, now giving you a new alternative to Android, iOS and Windows. Built in collaboration with Intel, Samsung’s Tizen is an Open Source Linux based platform. Being Open Source, like Android[…]

iOS 8, with some rocking new features

Apple has introduced a new version of its mobile Operating System the iOS 8 at its annual world Wide Developers Conference on June 2 2014. The iOS 8 is comprised with new features for end users as well as with a lot of additional compatibility for app developers with 4000 New APIs. Below are some[…]

Why You Should Care About Facebook Acquiring WhatsApp

19 Billion dollars. Yes, you heard it right. Facebook just acquired WhatsApp for a whopping 19 billion dollars. The success story of WhatsApp is quite heart warming. Whatsapp was the brainchild of Jan Koum, and the first version of WhatsApp was released in early 2009. Between 2009 to 2011, WhatsApp grew from an app that[…]

The iPad as a device for Web Development

iPads are much more than just bigger iPhones and smaller computers. The unique User Experience and Interface creates a niche for it among electronic devices. Of late, the sales of iPads have sky rocketed giving a huge boost to iPad application development companies. Even the best iPhone app developers have started to acknowledge the steep[…]

Google App License is lesser than a dollar

There is no worth of having an Android phones without the Google apps and its related apps that are available in the market. People prefer android phones as it supports Google’s play store and that is one of the strongest reason why most of the leading mobile manufacturers license Google apps. Android is considered to[…]