The Apple B2B App Store

B2B or Business to Business apps are apps where theAll Posts end user is the owner of a business. These are e-commerce apps which are used by companies to market or sell their products or services to other businesses. If you are an iOS app developer, you can choose to upload your app to the conventional iStore (Enterprise app) or to the B2B App Store depending on the purpose your app serves.

The difference? B2B apps are available only to a selected set of customers. It gives the iOS app developer, the ability to choose who can to use their app. In iPhone apps development, the developer is allowed to use the framework of the iStore while controlling its distribution. It is a useful alternative to the Apple Enterprise Developer Program.

The introduction of the B2B app shows Apple too has spotted the growing use of technology in enterprise and the opportunity that custom apps provides. Custom apps can now be built, for a particular company as per their needs. As the distribution of the app is restricted to the particular enterprise that it is built for, it achieves a mechanism of private sharing of data. The iOS app developer has control and access to the information of the people the app is distributed to, facilitating easy updating the app.

To use the B2B App Store, the iOS app developers and customers must be members of Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program(VPP), which I have already talked about. To be a part of the VPP the company must have a DUNS number. A DUNS number ( Data Universal Numbering System) is a unique 9 digit number assigned to business locations for the purpose of identification. Instead of using the App Store, the app should be downloaded through the VPP processes. You have to be a member of the iOS Developer Program to distribute Custom B2B Apps and have to agree to the iOS Paid Applications Agreement. Upon purchasing the app through the VPP, a redemption code is will be available on the VPP portal, using which the app can be installed after distribution. Like iPhone apps development, in the B2B App Store too the apps are thoroughly scrutinized by Apple’s review process.

While submitting the app, all you need is the Apple Ids of each customer’s VPP account and Voila! You are done! But remember, though you can add Apple Ids for customers after creation, you cannot change a regular app to a B2B app and vice versa.

If you own an enterprise, the Apple B2B Store truly is a dream come true. With good iPhone apps development, you can create an app which takes care of all your business needs in a personalized and secure way.



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