How to get your App Approved by Apple App Store

It is no secret that iOS apps crash less than apps developed on other platforms. So what sets iPhone app development and iPad app development apart from the rest? The answer lies in the fact that getting an iOS app approved by Apple App Store is more difficult than getting an Android app approved. There are a bunch of extra checks, and rigorous processes which help maintain the quality of apps developed on this platform. Customers have been greatly benefited as the apps coming out on iStore maintain a high standard, and are extremely reliable. But as a developer into iPhone app development and iPad app development, these rigorous processes can become quite a hindrance, and often this is the reason many apps which have been developed fail to see the light of day. If you are thinking of developing an iOS app, do not let this be the reason that holds you back. Here are some easy ways to ensure the smooth approval of your app by Apple App Store.

The Apple testing process consists of an automated test of the app, followed by an extensive test by a reviewer who tests the functionality of the app, all the promised features, the user interface and the user experience. Before submitting your app, make sure that each one of these is as close to perfection as possible.

The most basic requirement of the Apple App Store is that your app should be bug free. A lot of apps get rejected due to technical issues. So extensive debugging and repeated testing is probably the first thing you should get down to. While submitting your initial app, it need not be a very complicated version of it. As it is the initial version that takes the most time to get approved, ensure you submit a simple version that has a better chance of getting approved. This of course does not mean that you can submit test versions, as these will be immediately rejected.

App Store has a list of guidelines: App Store Review Guidelines that you are expected to follow to the T. Do not deviate from these, as it would probably result in your app getting rejected.  Also, read through the Human Interface Guidelines, and understand the basic things App Store requires of your app.

With over 300,000 apps available on Apple App Store, you have to ask yourself, “Are you bringing anything new to the table?” If you want your app to be approved by the Apple App store, create an innovative app, one which isn’t available on the market already. And yes, your app must be completely original. You won’t get away with copying the functionality of an existing app.

Finally, read up on case studies of rejected apps. Do not make mistakes that have already been made before. Make new ones. Do not get too disheartened if your app is not approved the first time. They will give send you the basis for their dismissal and you can only better your app. So hang in there!

Next time you want to build an app using iPhone app development or iPad app development, make sure you go to an app developer, who has not only faced all these problems but also conquered them too.


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