Performance improvement for Kindle Fire after the much needed Software update

Kindle Fire is almost due for its first ever software update after some serious implications about its security issues and overall performance. The proposed software update is Amazon’s response after complaints from various sectors reached its desk. The hot selling new tablet is among the consumer choice due to its affordable price point of $199 but the seemingly endless technical glitches and performance based problems may continue to plague the tablet unless Amazon do something drastic about it. After becoming a big hit among tablet aficionados, Kindle Fire is now the subject of critics due to its much needed improvement not only in its performance but content as well. However, the retail giant is also looking to enhance its web browsing speed as stated in the report by New York Times. In the report, Drew Hardener, the spokesman for Amazon said that, “In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire.

Apart from the speed of Kindle Fire’s Silk Browser, the update will also focus on improving the response rate of its multi touch navigation. Should the software update push through, users will also have the capacity to now edit the Carousel and remove or maintain all its recent items and sites that have been just accessed using the device. Last month, Kindle Fire introduced a software update but a sizeable number of consumers are still complaining about the overall performance of their tablets. There have been reports that there are consumers who chose to return their tablets because they are not contented about how the gadget functions. Although Amazon does not divulge the number of returned Kindle Fire, a number of reviews are focused on the poor performance of the tablet.

Even with all these seemingly performance based problems of Kindle Fire, there are rumors that Amazon is already working on a new Fire that will possibly come with a much bigger screen and is opted for launch this coming spring. But much has to be learned especially if Amazon will focus on improving the hardware of the new Kindle Fire and still offer them at an attractive price point. The Kindle Fire today is making waves in the market due to its very affordable price and Amazon is selling it for less or no profit at all. This is one of the reasons why consumers are opting to buy Fire compared to other more competitive brands but since more reviews are revealing how the Kindle Fire performs in real time, Amazon will need to improve their new Kindle Fire to attract more followers in time for its release.

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