Kindle Fire Apps increased in download

The Kindle Fire from Amazon is definitely a legitimate platform that will certainly drive app downloads to the ceiling based on an enhanced version of the new Android OS. There was an overwhelming response from Kindle Fire users supported by the number of app downloads just this holiday. And while the Kindle Fire only has a smaller market share yet compared to iPhone/iPad and other Android devices, it enjoyed an impressive seventeen percent of new Kindle Fire users just a day after Christmas and an overall 12.5% of all Kindle Fire devices that were registered on the 25th of December.

As GigaOM reported, one of the metrics used is the number of app downloads for a particular app. Among those that experienced significant growth is Read It Later which is an app that enables users to save the articles they read from a web browser on their mobile devices so they can read it later as plain text. This app is available not only on Google’s Android OS but also in Apple’s iOS platform. Read It Later’s developer said that the app experienced up to 148% jump in device registrations between November and December. The paid version of this app also enjoyed up to 45% download increase during the holiday from Android users and 19% of these downloads are from Kindle Fire users.

For one developer, this is definitely a huge success but on a much bigger picture, it simply shows that Kindle Fire indeed enjoyed a huge success from the time the tablet was launched. There has been a lot of false predictions about how Kindle Fire tablets will fare in the market but after the holiday season, one thing has been made clear and that is Amazon is definitely carving up its own niche in the tablet industry. As for Kindle Fire app developers, this comes as good news because Kindle Fire will usher in a new market share for their Android based applications.

As more and more Kindle Fire users download apps for their tablets, the better it will be for Kindle Fire app developers. Having a new niche where developers can market their apps is always a sign of industry growth and for the case of Kindle Fire, the significant percentage increase in downloads only means that consumers are really making Kindle Fire as part of their tablet option in the market.

With a growing number of tablet brands in the market, it becomes a challenge for tablet manufacturers to come with new and innovative device that will appeal to the masses. But Amazon seems to have surpassed this hurdle and with the success of their tablet, Kindle Fire apps downloads are expected to increase further this coming months.

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