Rooting Kindle Fire even with the 6.2.1 Update

Although a lot of people particularly Kindle Fire owners awaited for the long overdue Kindle update from Amazon, it actually did more than update the tablet and improve its interface. The Kindle Fire 6.2.1 Update ruined the one click rooting method which developers introduced at the XDA Developer’s Forum. Although Kindle Fire users can still keep their root by blocking the online update which Amazon started to push last week, those who have unwittingly updated their tablets may have to invest some effort to re – root their tablets. Those who received the update and are more than willing to root their devices can still do it but the one click method will never work like before.

If your Kindle Fire has the root and you do not want it to be broken, you can follow some of the steps to block the update until a more comprehensive root kit is introduced by developers. In order to prevent the OTA (over the air) updates from Amazon, you can install a specific app known as DroidWall. This will limit apps from your Kindle Fire device to access the internet which in turn prevents automatic updating by Amazon. However, the app will only work if your device is rooted and Android Market is installed in your tablet.

If your Kindle Fire tablet has not been rooted yet, you can obtain the DroidWall app from Google Code. There is also a one click tool you can use to root your device at XDA forum. This tool will also enable you to install the Android Market on your device. If you download the rooting kit from Google Code, you have connect your tablet to a computer using its USB connector. Put the downloaded APK file in the download folder and install the App using the ES File Explorer or other browser you are using with your tablet. In your DroidWall, set the app to “Mode: White list (allow selected)” so you can select the allowable application. You can choose the applications you want to connect to the internet and the apps you exclude will not be able to go online. Once you enable your firewall, you are finished preventing the update from breaking your root.

The update certainly improved user end experience but for those who want their tablets rooted, the Kindle Fire 6.2.1 Update is more like a downgrading than a performance update.

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