Kindle Fire MIUI Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Unofficial Update

When Kindle Fire was introduced in the market with a less than $200 price point, it suddenly became of the most popular tablet in its category. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of Kindle Fire users are looking for ways to root their Android based devices and install it with client ROM and forego the Amazon default user interface that comes with the Kindle tablet. So if ever you own a Kindle Fire tablet and you finally become bored of its default user interface, you can choose to root your tablet and install one of those custom ROM available online. And for all Kindle Fire owners who never really liked Amazon’s default, here comes good news from MIUI 4.0.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be getting yet another unofficial update with Ice Cream Sandwich ROM from MIUI 4.0. MIUI 4.0 is basically patterned on Android 4.0 ICS and when applied on the Kindle tablet, it can provide a user interface that will not require any hardware buttons. This will also come with an improved menu for recently used apps, an innovative panel for quick settings, as well as other specific features solely linked to MIUI. And with this new update comes full and unlimited access to the Android Market not to mention the preloaded content from Amazon’s AppStore.

On the other hand, just like other custom ROMs, MIUI 4.0 still needs some improvements and is basically a work in progress. There are still some features that need improvement and some are not yet fully functional such as the static wall paper, custom themes, USB tethering, as well as hardware accelerated graphics among many others. So even before you think of rooting your tablet using MIUI ROM, be sure that you are ready to forfeit your tablet’s warranty.

Before you tinker with your Kindle Fire, be reminded that the process will void your warranty so be very cautious about it. While still deciding on whether to push through with it, you might want to go over the specs sheet of the tablet for the meantime. However, should MIUI 4.0 be able to fix these kinks and make this ROM as functional as possible, this will certainly bring a whole new tablet experience for all Kindle Fire tablet users who chose to take advantage of this “unofficial” update. With this update, you will now have a full access to thousands of Android based content without being limited by Amazon’s default setup.

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