BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 – Are your Apps ready for this Tablet?

RIM (Research In Motion) is set to release its BlackBerry PlayBook 0s 2.0 this coming February and developers must make sure that their apps are ready for this tablet when the launch date is announced. With RIM preparing its tablet’s market introduction, the company encourages all BlackBerry app developer to test their old and new apps with the new OS version to evaluate its compatibility to guarantee better and seamless end user experience.

RIM asks app developers to test theirs apps directly on the BlackBerry PlayBook using the OS 2.0 by registering at this site or they can download the latest OS 2.0 simulator and use it to test the app’s compatibility. For app developers who are planning to submit a new version of their apps to RIM’s BlackBerry App World, submissions must be entered on or before the 7th of February so they can have enough time to evaluate and accept the apps before the launch date of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

The release of this new tablet OS version has long been awaited and analysts believe that this might be RIM’s way of getting back into the tablet competition. The new PlayBook OS 2.0 is supposed to be a fusion of wonderful improvements and tweaks for BlackBerry tablet and boasts a set of compelling productivity tools, new apps, and the best of BlackBerry movies, music and communication to enhance the end user experience. And in order to support RIM’s aim to revamp its tablet in order for it to be able to ride with the ever changing market, they are asking all BlackBerry developers to make sure their apps will be compatible with the new tablet OS.

App compatibility with the device OS plays a major part in encouraging BlackBerry tablet users to download a particular application. With a growing number of freelance app developers, there are plenty of apps in the app market that do not perform as expected. Even paid apps sometimes have its glitches and RIM wants to make sure that all apps for its new PlayBook OS will perform seamlessly and without glitch. After all the problems and obstacles faced by the company last year, they want to ensure that the new tablet and its updated OS will be launched without problems especially on the part of third party developers. The new OS 2.0 update will make the BlackBerry PlayBook competitive once again as long as all apps will be performing the same way as the device.

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