Amazon aims to Fix Kindle Fire Glitches

Kindle Fire is one of the hot selling tablets although currently, it is facing a lot of a heat from consumers who opted to buy it because of its seemingly low price of just $199. There are several software glitches that Kindle Fire users experience although Amazon has long promised that they are looking into it and a software update is possible within the next few weeks. An Amazon spokesman told The New York Times that; “In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire.” Amazon did not offer any specific details regarding the software update although the company said that they are aiming towards improving the navigation and overall performance of the tablet as well as some additional features that will enable users to manage their browsing activities with ease and delete browsing histories as users see it fit. A number of privacy advocates raised this concern because browsing histories are somewhat saved into the tablet’s memory without providing options to users.

Kindle Fire users are also complaining about the significantly low audio volume and the unpredictable freezes the device experience which usually needs a full restart. On the other hand, these set of problems are not directly affecting the sales of this new tablet but analysts confirm that if ever Amazon fails to address this concerns, they will certainly lose a chunk off their client base should a competitor is able to come up with a more affordable high performance tablet even if it is made in China. Amazon is still expecting to sell at least more than four million units before the year ends and if this projection becomes a reality, Amazon will have up to fourteen percent share of the global tablet market edging second to Apple’s iPad with almost sixty six percent share.

The low price point of Kindle Fire is what makes it competitive with Apple’s iPad which is basically priced at $499 per unit. However, a lot of reviews put Kindle Fire into a negative light because not only do its design flaws come under fire but its software also needs some serious tweaking. The UI also needs some enhancement in order to allow it to communicate better with the user.

In general, Kindle Fire still remains a spiffy device considering you can buy it at only $199. But as long as Amazon is not introducing its first ever software update to fix the glitches customers are complaining about, there is always the chance of losing their client base for their next generation Kindle.

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