Google’s Android Iris as counterpart for Apple’s Siri

As of late, Apple’s Siri which was introduced in the iPhone 4S series has been the center of attention for smart phone fans. This virtual personal assistant offers cool features like making recommendations while using a natural language interface and performing actions as requested by the user based on a set of web services. Ever since its introduction, Siri seems to monopolize it and competition is not eminent up until now. Android Iris is the answer of Google to Apple’s Siri. This is an application that offers almost similar features that have been developed to compete with the growing domination of Siri in the market ever since it was introduced along with iPhone 4S. and because of this, Android aficionados are now back in the apparently endless taunting war between Apple fans as to whose virtual personal assistant is better.

Android Iris is using a build in voice search and crawl Wikipedia to respond to various questions about a wide variety of topics from science to history among others. In addition to the voice search, Android’s Iris is also integrated with a feature that enables users to text or call another user or look up contacts and search for a wide array of things online. However, the question still remains whether or not Google’s Iris is far better than Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri.

Depending on how you use your personal assistant, Google’s Iris is somewhat more playful and can answer more than a single line of questioning. On the other hand, Siri is suitable for a more serious type of smart phone users who are expecting to get direct answers for their questions. Dexetra is the main developer that created Android Siri and there are rumors that this innovative application is only developed for eight hours.

Although some may contend that Google is stealing a patented technological concept from Apple, the concept of integrating virtual assistant into a device is not entirely new. For years, Android users have been enjoying virtual assistant technology but the only difference with Siri is that it is able to indulge in “small talk” and offer jokes should a user ask for it. However, with Android Iris, almost the same feature has been programmed to mimic the same characteristic with an additional touch of flamboyance. Android’s Iris can take part in silly conversation and even if sometimes it would fail to completely understand what you want to convey, Iris is pretty impressive in general.

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