Apple Blocking illegal Siri Ports on Non-iPhone 4S Devices

Last December 2012 was a good month for non-iPhone 4S users because the latest update released by Apple that month made it possible to legally port Siri to other Apple devices running on iOS. Siri is one of the advanced technological innovations integrated by Apple in its iPhone 4S. This integrated highly functional voice assistant has been the point of attention of hackers in their attempt to somewhat illegally port Siri. Some are successful in porting Siri to other devices but public distribution has remained illegal. However, this has changed when Apple introduced its iOS 5.0.1 update. Apple’s release of the iOS 5.0.1 update opened system files that have been previously encrypted. This update made it possible to port Siri is within the bounds of law at least for iPhone 4.

Just this week, reports came out about Apple changing its requirements for its voice assistant. This move left a lot of people questioning whether the company is trying to disable non-iPhone 4S devices in using Siri especially those who are connecting via Spire which is one of the available Jailbreak tools able to successfully port Siri. According to blog at Redmond Pie, Apple clandestinely inserted a properly list file that will effectively block any attempts to connect with Siri servers. The “Set Activation Token” now successfully stops any unauthorized use of Apple’s digital assistant particularly on other devices that are not intended to run the said application.

Last December, the jailbreak community was baffled as to why Apple left a portal open for other entity to access in their last iOS 5.0.1 update. This gave programmers the chance to legally extract Siri files and the power to port other Apple devices and enable it to run Apple’s most popular virtual personal assistant. On the other hand, some tech experts believed that this could be just a glitch and Apple is bound to close it again and now it became a reality. All ported devices could return to its default setup although this still remains improbable until Apple releases an official statement whether or not it is really their intention to block unauthorized devices from access the Siri network.

As long as Apple fails to release their official stand on this matter, those who have ported their non-iPhone 4S devices will remain wondering if they will still be able to use their Jailbreak Siri.

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