The growing number of Android users and its impact on Android App Developers

In the U.S. alone, the number of smart phone users that switched to Android has significantly grown and this accounts for more than forty four percent of 87 million users. Android, which runs on a several smart phone brands from various vendor has taken a leading edge especially in the U.S. market although some of the iPhone models still remain one of the largest brands with a total share of twenty seven percent according to ComScore. A significant jump of ten percent in Android’s share increasing from forty percent to forty four percent in the second quarter which ended on the thirtieth of September.

With these positive changes for Android smart phones users, one thing is for sure and that is the impact of this increase to Android app developers. With the increasing demand comes the increasing pressure for Android app developers to create something new that will make Android users not regret their choice for shifting to Android. According to research2guidance, one of the mobile research specialists, Android developers are more productive than the developers for Apple. Over the past months, the Android market maintained its exponential growth although they may still lag behind when it comes to the app store market leader which is being currently held by Apple with 459,589 applications in its Apple App store whereas the Android market has only 319,161.

Nonetheless, the 319,161 is definitely a huge number considering that Android is a relatively new player in the field. This just shows that Android app developers have been busy churning out useful and functional applications that cater to a wide variety of Android users. But this number is expected to increase as more and more people start turning to Android and Android app developers are expected to also to become busier in the coming months.

The average Android publisher placed about six applications in the market compared to just four that have been published by iOS developers from Apple. This average number of applications will certainly skyrocket when Android developers focus more on creating tons of useful applications for the Android market. And with the growing number of devices, from smart phones to tablets that rely on Android, more and more Android apps are expected to hit the market before the year ends.

Egle Makalajunaite, an analyst from Research2Guidance, claimed that “It is likely that the more rigid application submission requirements [at Apple] prevent developers from publishing multiple trial or low quality applications, whereas publishers in the Android Marketplace a lot of market testing, trials, demo and malware content“. This could be one of the reasons why there is an exponential growth in Android app publishing and user’s growth to think that the Android market is a year younger than the Apple App store.

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