Battle of the App Stores

While I have previously discussed the merits and demerits of the Apple App Store, I have not shed light on its competitors and how they might just be getting ahead. In particular, the Android app store is widely popular and shows extreme promise. In this article, I will talk about what makes Android App Store a great place to upload and download apps built on Android app development and the advantages of Android app development over iPhone app development in the marketplace .

The most striking difference between Android app development and iPhone app development  is the ease with which you can enter the Android market. The rules and regulations imposed by the Apple App Store are often much too strict and are highly discouraging to app developers, particularly rookies. The Apple App Store is often inconsistent and getting an app approved becomes a Herculean task in itself. The Android App Store on the other hand, is far more liberal. While it does have some rules, its consistent and much more “app developer-friendly”.
The number of devices having  Android as an operating system is steadily increasing. This creates a scope for the expansion in Android app development. Additionally more users, translates to higher profit margins.

The number of free apps built on Android is significantly higher than those built on iOS. Users generally gravitate towards Android App Store, as they prefer free apps, especially when they are trying out an app for the first time. The app developer makes money even on free apps through in-app advertising.
Google does not need to approve an app before you install it into your device. This leaves the Marketplace absolutely open. The Apple App Store on the other hand, the apps built by the iPhone app development community completely under its control. To install any app on your iOS  device it first needs approval by the Apple App Store. This can be  quite cumbersome and is a huge disadvantage of the iPhone app development.

A huge plus for Apple is definitely iTunes, which is extremely convenient and pretty much unparalleled. You also must keep in mind, that the number of apps available on the Apple App Store is much greater than the number of apps available in the Android marketplace. While the Apple App Store, has a fixed and definite place in the market, the Android marketplace is growing exponentially. In today’s world of technology, they have both found their niche in the industry.

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