Understanding Apple’s iOS Developer Program

Creating an app using iOS app development is now easier than ever. To become an iPhone app developer all one needs to do is register for Apple’s iOS Developer Program. This allows the iPhone app developer to develop his app using iOS app development tools, iOS SDK and gives him access to the vast technical resources provided by the iOS Development Center. It allows the iPhone app developer to test his app on the iPod, iPad and iPhone, allowing him to perfect his app. Finally, it allows him to distribute him app, through Apple App Store.

ios developer program

First let us understand the difference between an Apple developer and a member of iOS Developer Program. It is free to enroll to become an Apple developer, and all one needs to register is an Apple ID. As an Apple Developer, you will be given access to Apple’s tutorials and documentation and will even be allowed to download older versions of iOS SDK and Xcode.

Registration in to the iOS Developer Program is at a nominal cost and extremely simple.  Again, all you require is an Apple ID. Upon registration the iPhone app developer is allowed to access Apple’s technical resources, documentation, tutorials, etc. You can also download latest versions of iOS SDK and Xcode development environment. There are extensive tutorials, which form extremely useful guides during iOS app development. The most important privilege of a iPhone app developer of the iOS Developer Program, is that he can test his code on Apple devices. Yes, most aspects of an app can be tested on Xcode’s device simulators, but certain functionalities, like device motion, location tracking and iCloud access require a physical device for testing.

Membership to the iOS Developer Program not only allows unlimited access to Apple’s  tutorials, it also allows you to consult Apple’s iOS technical support engineers. They will assist you and guide you through the development of your app. The annual fees includes two support on two incident reports. Whether you wish to avail these services for iOS app development  or not, to release an app in the Apple App Store, you need to be a part of the iOS Developer Program. So, while it is sufficient to enroll before you release your app, it is advisable to register when you start to build your app, so you can take advantage of these services, especially if you are a rookie.

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