How to Manage Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Marketing is not easy. Today, where there are so many forums available for marketing, you have to understand how to use each forum to its maximum potential. The role social media plays in the success of a product is quite scary. One bad review gone viral and you are pretty much looking at terrible sales.[…]

Battle of the App Stores

While I have previously discussed the merits and demerits of the Apple App Store, I have not shed light on its competitors and how they might just be getting ahead. In particular, the Android app store is widely popular and shows extreme promise. In this article, I will talk about what makes Android App Store a great place to[…]

The Apple App Store

App development for iPhone has seen a steady rise and there are over 100,000 apps and 3  billion downloads from the Apple app store from iPhone devices alone. Despite being a closed environment, iOS has proved time and again of the strong foothold it holds in the apps market today. The Apple App Store remains popular over other[…]