Why Kindle Fire is bound to change the Tablet industry

When the Kindle Fire by Amazon was launched a few weeks ago, almost everyone is wondering how this may affect the tablet industry. Amazon believes that Kindle Fire will be able to find a sizeable market segment which might as well put a bit of real pressure on leading brands of tablets including Apple. If the tide turns in right, Amazon may just secure a positive ranking in the tablet market. Finding Kindle Fire in Amazon’s website is easy for people visiting the site on a daily basis. This is a marketing strategy advantage that other tablet brands are not enjoying which adds more to the growing popularity of this tablet.

Aside from leading tablet brands, other vendors who are still trying to expand their market reach will certainly find themselves overshadowed. First of all, the pricing for Kindle Fire is nothing like the other premier tablet brands in the market. Coming in as low as $200, this provides consumers with limited budget the chance to have their own tablet even if it is not Apple which usually costs around $400 and below. Tom Mainelli, an analyst from IDC state that “At that price a tablet can just be a table: A device that’s quite good at consuming media, writing short emails, and Web browsing.” He also added that, “We have long maintained that media tablets are additive devices, not replacements for PCs, and that’s why media tablet vendors — aside from Apple — have had trouble selling units at $500 and higher.

At the price alone, the competition is significantly outmaneuvered since Kindle Fire also offers competitive features that can be found from other more expensive tablet. Although this tablet is not 3G ready which other analysts think that it is a marketing strategy that may just be introduced in the next Kindle Fire upgrade, this has several noteworthy features. The LCD based seven inches tablet is fully equipped with a dual core processor with up to 8GB storage capacity and WiFi ready features. The Kindle Fire also operates an enhanced version of Android which is more than an attraction for interested tablet users with no $400 in their pockets. In addition to that, the Kindle Fire is also offered with a battery life of eight hours for reading and up to seven and a half for video playback. With no battery issues, tablets users will have more time to enjoy Kindle Fire without worrying about power decline after just two to three hours of use.

When it comes to application, Kindle Fire apps are similar to other Android apps and Amazon stated that all Android apps in the market will run also in this tablet. And with a new market segment opened for app developers, Kindle Fire apps are expected to draw some attention in the coming months once the full release of the tablet scheduled on the 16th of November happens. If the Kindle Fire will be a success after the end of this year, this will truly change the tablet industry.

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