Android Developers now have Official Google+ Page

In order to give app developers better opportunity, Google has finally launched the official Google+ page solely for Android Developers. The open community is for developers to be fully motivated in participating and setting up collaborative efforts among developers in creating Android apps in line with the current consumer demand in the market. The objective of Google is to provide an improved and unified experience while using the Android platform when creating apps both for third party app developers and manufacturers.

In line with the official Google+ page for Android Developers, Google also launched the Android Desig website that aims to help Android app developers understand more the Holo which is used for Android 4.0 platform. Android app development features a widely diverse option that provides structure that can minimize the risk of lost ROI and reduction of prospective customers. Now with its official Google+ page, developers will be able to have direct interaction with each other as well as device manufactures to achieve innovative applications that will provide Android users the same seamless and productive experience.

Even if Android is a relatively new player in the smart phone industry, its market share continues to increase especially among users who prefer using affordable but functional smart phone. And as the number of Android users increases, the demand for Android app development also becomes diverse since different people have different application requirement. This in turn seeks new developers to create new applications that will cater to different types of people on a global scale. With the new page for Android app developers, they will now have a cohesive site where they can begin sharing viable ideas and other related concepts that will have a positive impact on the overall Android app development industry.

The increasing demand makes it impossible for Google app developers to supply which calls for independent developers to take on the game and become part of a continuously growing industry of application development. So in order to maintain the quality of the application, professional developers facilitate feedback from customers to assess the performance and functionality of a particular Android application. Feedbacks are instantaneous because as soon as the application has been downloaded, users can give their feedbacks immediately or rate the application after initial testing. This method allows for the facilitation of early evaluation so Android applications can be further improved. Support feedbacks are important because it will be used to improve the user experience of a particular application or totally scrap it when it fails to meet the standards of Android app development. With the new Google+ page, everything will be a lot easier for app developers and manufacturers to learn more about the actual needs of their consumers.

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