Android Swype feature gets new update

Swype, an alternative input keyboard provider has just released its latest Android version that now includes a Dragon Dictation service. The new Dragon Dictation feature will convert the things you say into text which is a cool addition for all Android lovers. Swype keyboard has been one of the compelling features of some of the Android devices because this is one keyboard wherein you can easily type by sliding your finger across it and has been very popular among all Google Android based smart phone aficionados. With the integration of the latest Dragon Dictation service, Swype keyboard for Android beta users can now use it as an additional feature for speech to text option which also supports up to five languages.

Voice based input system has become a significant aspect for mobile platform technologies. After the success of Siri on iPhone 4S and Google’s own Majel, Swype developers are taking on a big forward step on synthesizing speech to text alternative on Android mobile phones. The new Android beta build update now brings in Dragon Dictation support and its supplementary language pack downloads for smart phones using Android OS system. However, Swype developers explained that the new Dragon Dictation support service is only meant to match the functionality of the default Google Voice Actions service and not replace it in anyway. Swype keyboard offers Android users a faster text input system but the voice to text alternative will free them from using their fingers when inputting a text. It is more like a dicta – machine with a virtual typing assistant that will convert your voice to text comprehensively.

To use the application, tap the Dragon Flame key and bring your phone closer to your mouth. Speak what you wish to convert into text and it will do the rest. Swype keyboard is proud of its almost one hundred percent prediction accuracy and developers are hoping that the Dragon Dictation service will also work within the same performance level to provide a whole new typing experience to Google Android users. At present, the languages supported by Dragon Dictation include English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. The language support has been included the Swype technology for Android beta users can now download some of the additional language packs directly from the Swype settings windows.

With this new addition in Android’s line of cool features, Android based smart phones will now have a competitive edge against major brands like iPhone.

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