Google App License is lesser than a dollar

There is no worth of having an Android phones without the Google apps and its related apps that are available in the market. People prefer android phones as it supports Google’s play store and that is one of the strongest reason why most of the leading mobile manufacturers license Google apps. Android is considered to be world’s leading mobile platform. As it was engineered by Google and its own apps run perfectly on the android devices. There are loads of apps, songs, games and videos available on play store. Android keeps you entertained and helps you to do things with ease.

Android is an open source operating system which means it can be used freely by anyone. But it does come with restrictions in some apps like Gmail, the Play store, Chrome and other apps aren’t free. To get license for these apps from Google, we have to pay Google and this is how Google makes money through these. As quoted in the : “The Guardian claims to have discovered the cost of licensing these Google Apps. The cost is said to vary depending on the volume of devices, but 100,000 tablets costs a manufacturer $75,000.0 or $0.75 per device”. There have been rumors from a lot of other sources that says Google charges different rates for Google’s own licensed apps this solely depends on the device in question. However this licensing has been considered to be an enigma among the people.

Based on this, now I have come to a conclusion that Google is not charging much for licensing its own apps. This means that Google’s app licensing doesn’t make any big difference in the cost of the device and it can be easily recovered through sales. It is really nice to get this kind of info from sources which are really very helpful.

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