Amazon’s Kindle Fire Success, Now What’s Next?

Sold at less than two hundred dollars, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the retail giant’s first full color touch tablet. With a very attractive price point compared to Apple’s iPad, this has become a major attraction for tablet lovers.

Today, Kindle Fire is one of the fastest selling tablets and recently, a tech analyst estimated that about six million Kindle Fires have been sold putting the device at par with Apple’s sales rate on its first iPad edition. Jordan Rohan explained that “Amazon’s device proliferation strategy has broader implications than most appreciate. [For example], tablets including iPad and Kindle Fire are rapidly taking share from PCs and notebooks.”  He further added that “The Kindle Fire has [successfully] staked out an important market position due to its loyal Amazon customer base and attractive device pricing.

Without doubt, the Kindle Fire tablet is definitely one of the impulse purchases for buyers with its very affordable price point of less than two hundred dollars. For the first time, a tablet within a very appealing price point has entered the industry and what makes it more interesting is that it is also capable of delivering almost the same content and performance as with other more expensive tablet brand. But the question is, what is next for Kindle Fire after Amazon’s amazing marketing approach in selling it to the world?

Chad Bartley, an analyst for Pacific Crest believes that the retail giant is ready to introduce a newer version of Kindle Fire which will come in seven and nine inches model by mid 2012. Along with this prediction, Bartley also estimated that around 14.9 million from the initial 12.7 million sales will be generated by Amazon due to the fact that there are reasons to believe that Amazon will be including its new Fire tablets in their virtual shelves anytime this year. Although there is no official confirmation yet from the retail giant with regards to their upcoming Kindle Fire versions, a nine inch tablet with an affordable price range will definitely an appealing factor for those who want to experience a bigger screen size without busting a bank account.

It is only practical to assume that the company will still be able to keep its new Kindle Fire tablets within affordable range even if some advanced specs will be integrated in the new versions. Should this happen, Kindle Fire will become a direct competitor of iPad especially among those who cannot afford a $500 worth of tablet.

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