Amazon’s Kindle Fire Aims at Tablet Gaming

With Kindle Fire’s success, is Amazon aiming at the gaming industry for tablet. Recently, Los Angeles Times reported about Amazon’s under the radar recruitment of game developers and several job postings have been posted on the site. The sudden interest of the company in game design could be something else. The founder of Digital World Research, P.J. McNealy believes that the largest online retailer is gathering resources to potentially develop into a force to reckon with when it comes to mobile social gaming. Although traditional gaming using game consoles will still remain a separate viable niche; that particular aspect of the industry is not experiencing the same boom tablets are having at this point. Mobile social games are definitely the in thing today and gaming on tablets is fast becoming widespread.

As one of the biggest players in the tablet industry, Amazon’s Kindle Fire must be on the right position to capitalize on this growing trend and take advantage of the growing tablet market. With its popular Kindle Fire devices, Amazon is certainly on the right track for this one. It has all the potential to become one of the biggest gaming platforms which may as well overtake other gaming platforms that remained solely for gaming. The fact that Amazon is quietly hiring game developers, there is a big chance that Kindle Fire will see some big transformation sometime in the near future. No longer have tablets remained as portable internet gateway because with the growing number of applications mostly about gaming, Kindle Fire is showing a big inclination towards this particular industry.

The general impression about Kindle devices is that it is basically a fun gadget designed for entertainment purposes only aside from its basic features of internet access especially to Amazon’s online retail store. What most people do not know is that Amazon is not new to the gaming industry and it has allowed the company to develop a device that be used as diversely as possible. Visiting theApp store will give you a basic idea about the vastness of Kindle Fire apps developed for gaming purposes. Game developers today are beginning to tap the market that caters to technology and using it as part of their innovative marketing strategy to help them achieve the necessary edge to beat their competitors. And with Kindle Fire’s large customer base, even freelance game developers will have an opportunity to earn from this new and booming tablet niche.

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