Will iPad 3 finally be around February next Year?

The market is abuzz with rumors regarding the release of the next generation iPad 3 early next year. Analyst for Citi Richard Gardner said in a statement in Nvonews that an earlier release could be scheduled this coming February due to the recent tech enhancement like the 4G LTE connectivity, the impact of Kindle Fire in the market, the upcoming release of Windows 8, the Tegra 3 process craze, and the continued growth of Android. The rapid developments in technology and the ever growing completion in the tablet industry could be one of the reasons for the early release of this highly anticipated wonder tablet. It is high time for Apple to introduce their next generation tablet while the market is still ablaze with various tech enhancements.

Although nobody has confirmed it yet, one of the most interesting features that iPad 3 may possess is its display screen. A lot of reviews have been written about the super feature that will separate iPad 3 from the rest of the tablets in the market. It is said that the new screen for iPad 3 will be sporting an innovative transparent display without any bezels at all and a holographic 9.7 inches touch screen. The battery life also has an estimated ten hours span and 16 GB storage will be available for entry level models. However, no official statement has been released yet from the company nor comments have been made regarding its actual release date. But knowing Apple, they will certainly feed the hunger of tech consumers until the last minute when they are ready to announce it.

It is may come as a surprise as to why Apple would choose to release a tablet right after the Christmas season. But the ongoing rivalry between Apple and Samsung could also be among the reasons why iPad 3 is rumored for release this February. This is in the hope for Apple to upstage Samsung’s next generation Galaxy Tab which is also rumored for launch this coming February 2012. Galax Tab can be considered as the nearest competitor for Apple due to some of its high end specs that include the retina display technology. But Apple is not to be discounted when it comes to tablet technology since their iPad 2 continues to generate sales despite the fact that other competitors have released newer tablet models but not one came close to iPad 2.

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