New Apple iOS 5.1 beta 2 to fix iPhone battery issues

The iOS 5.1 software meant to fix the battery issues with iPhone 4S has entered the second stage of developer beta testing in advance of the possible mass consumer rollout. There are a lot of iPhone users who are experiencing similar problems associated with severe battery draining issues which is largely due to the bug found in the iOS 5 battery fix released by Apple. This time, the new iOS 5.1 Beta has been released to developers in the hope of being able to change the well publicized battery issues. The new iOS 5.1 Beta is in its final stage of beta testing after it made its way to developers. Once final tweaks are done, it is expected to reach iPhone users in an attempt by Apple to put down the battery problems that even unattended handsets seem to lose full charge in just a matter of hours.

Affected batches of the newest Apple handset, the iPhone 4S has been associated with the recently released iOS update that offers the system with time zone features and this could be part of the reason why batteries are easily depleted. In their attempt to correct the problem, Apple launched iOS 5.0.1 but it only has a very little effect when it comes to improving the battery life of iPhone 4S and some even claimed that the problems worsened when their devices obtained the said update.

Registered developers can now avail the iOS 5.1 beta 2 which is said to address a number of issues which include the fix for app icons experiencing troubles when using the Game Center and a solution to rectify freezes that usually happen when using the feature “shake to shuffle” to shuffle around different songs. This information came from Boy Genius Report and hopefully, the battery issues are also corrected once the beta 2 is released. The beta 2 also adds a new feature enabling users to be able to delete individual images from Photo Stream using any iOS devices. However, developers using the newly released 5.1 Software Development Kit for building iOS iPhone and iPad apps will be primarily affected.

Apple has faced a lot of problems trying to rectify the issues regarding battery drainage especially with its new generation iPhone 4S. The new iOS 5.1 which is now under beta testing may be able to resolve these issues depending on the outcomes although if one should analyze the notes of Apple for this new beta, there is hardly any mention about the battery issue. Even at Apple Support Communities, it is difficult to obtain even the slightest clue with regards to battery fix for iPhone 4S and whether or not this new beta release will finally resolve the battery problem.

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