How to Choose the Title and Icon for your App

App development can be a long and drawn out process. And just when you complete app development and you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, another big challenge hits you: the title and icon. Though it is one of the most important components of the app, Android app developers spend almost no time or thought on designing and planning it’s title and icon. A well designed icon and catchy title will create a good first and lasting impression about your app. Here are some guidelines on how to create and effective icon and title:

When you design your icon for an Android app, remember to keep it simple. You will be working with a very small space and overloading it with design elements will just make it look messy. Use the basic colour scheme of your app on the icon, but don’t go overboard with the colours. Adding more than three colours would definitely be overdoing it keeping in mind the final size of the icon. Your customers are each going to have personalised themes on their phones and tablets. This means your icon is going to be placed on a variety of backgrounds. Before zeroing in on the colour palette, test it out on various backgrounds to ensure it doesn’t clash with most colours.

The icon of your Android app should give the user a preview of the apps design. Avoid using text or a photo which will look extremely untidy in such a small space. Many designers are tempted to copy the UI designs of the OS into the icon. Follow the basic guidelines provided for the buttons and so on, but get creative with the icon!

The title of an app plays a pivotal role in its popularity. Ensure the name has less than 24 characters to make sure its looks best on the search results. Make sure the name you choose isn’t already being used. A little foresight will save you from future copyright issues. Choose a simple title which can be easily pronounced and make sure it gives a general idea about what your app is about.

Never use any special characters while naming your app. It will shoot down your SEO ratings and will be quite difficult to pronounce for your users. Do not choose a title similar to that of another popular app . Users tend to find this tacky and they will think you are trying to ride on the success of another app.

Users gravitate towards apps with striking titles and innovative icons. Don’t underestimate the wonders it can do for your apps popularity. Get creative. Get Crazy!