App Store Optimization : A Checklist


App Store Optimization or ASO is an extremely popular term in the mobility industry. Knowing how to be visible on the Apple App Store for instance, is as important as knowing how to develop an iPhone app. The surest way to get people to notice your app is to be at the top of your app store. And to do that your ASO ratings must be good. But first, you must understand that ASO ratings only take your app so far. To achieve the success tasted by applications like 2048 and Flappy Bird, you need to create an addictive and engaging app, a completely different challenge. Here is a checklist of steps you should take before you roll out your app to the App Store.

1. SEOs on your Desktop Website

Yes, it might seem a little silly considering they operate on two different levels but the statistics on the number of app related searches begs to differ. Plenty of users read up on trending apps relevant to their area of interest before installing them. Being visible on a search engine is almost as to important for your app as being visible on the App Store. Provide the links for your app on the website and make sure it is visible as well.

2. In-Store App Optimization

I am not going to discuss these ideas in detail, because you probably have already been through them a million times. But for those of you who are new to the app development world, here is a brief account.

  • Title : Keep it short and catchy and let it do all the talking for you. Make sure it contains your brand name and conveys what it is your app does. Do not stuff the title with keywords. Use at most only one relevant keyword and use it only once.
  • Description: Describe what it is you offer your users and how you are different from every other app in the same category. Keep it short but make sure you mention all the important features of your application.
  • Type/Category: Place your app in all relevant categories to boost your visibility on the app store.
  • Screenshots: Keep updating the screenshots of your app and make sure you are displaying all the important functions of your app in them.

3. App Rating

Encourage your users to rate your application and review them on the app store. Good ratings and reviews is a sure shot way to boost your App Store rating.

Good ASO ratings is an important way for new applications to gain popularity. Once you have established yourself in the industry, most people will install your app based on your reputation alone. However, do not over think your app’s ASO rating too much. Concentrate on making a relevant and unique app which will attract attention to itself based on functionality alone. So going back to my analogy at the start, while knowing how to get to the top of the Apple App Store is as important as the app development process itself, you still need to develop a great iPhone app to remain at the top.