Why Your Enterprise Should Adopt Open Source Software

Open Source Software is undoubtedly the tool of the future. It is quickly gaining popularity and is being adopted by enterprises all over the world. As an enterprise, it might be time your app developers moved into the Open Source universe as well. Let us take a closer look into what Open Source Software can and cannot provide for your enterprise.

If you are going to have app developers working in an Open Source environment, your primary concern is probably support. While Open Source Software lacks the kind of support Microsoft could provide you, there are third party app developers who will provide you enterprise grade support at a small fee. With more people moving to OSS and more significant projects being built using it, support is one thing which is going to be much easier to find.


open source software

Enterprises are often reluctant to embrace OSS for they fear it may present a security risk. However, studies show OSS is as safe as any other kind of software. With a whole army of app developers working on improving the software and assessing the threats, solutions and assistance are found instantaneously. As OSS evolves and becomes a more popular platform, an increased support will translate to even less vulnerabilities.

One of the major drawbacks of Open Source Software is the incompatibility and the need for frequent upgrades. This is one aspect the OSS community is working to find a solution to. Also, if you are new to OSS, you may find the Open Source contacts, licenses, procurement and support unfamiliar. After all, adopting OSS is not about just downloading applications and using it, but is about understanding and sticking to the Open Source policies.

Finally, and probably most importantly promotion. Yes, promotion of open source application isn’t the fastest available, but it is definitely picking up. Many SAAS vendors can now effortlessly deploy and market their applications to end-customers over the cloud.

Adopting OSS presents quite a challenge, but it will prove to be worth it. With OSS many app developers can discuss, formulate, design and implement the best form of an application. Each project offers an opportunity to your app developers to learn and grow. Working with OSS brings you one step closer to perfection.