How to Choose your App Developer

Once you have decided to build an app, you are forced to confront the most difficult challenge of the entire app development process. Choosing your app developer. This one decision can make or break your app. Confused on how to pick your developer? Here are some parameters you can use to rate your prospective developers and some questions you should be asking them.

The most important parameter you should consider is experience. You should ask your prospective developers how many apps they have built, and if they have previously built any apps similar to the one you envision. Experience always translates in to a quick and efficient development process and finally a better application.

It is always a good idea to check in with the developers previous clients for referrals. You can look at a few apps they have already developed, analyze how well it has been built and get data on its popularity before making a final choice.

Do quiz your prospective developers on issues like how to monetize your app and how to improve SEO and ASO ratings. If you want to make money off your app and wish to see it on the front page of the app store, make sure your developer has a game plan.

Also, make sure your developer will help you submit your app to the app store. He must also be well versed in the practices to follow for a smooth acceptance into an app store especially while dealing with picky platforms like iOS.

Ask him what tools he uses for development, how much he plans to concentrate on user experience and user interface, whether he would help you with bugs after the contract time expires and so on. Also make sure, they do all the development in house. You do not want all your work outsourced to some faceless third party.

Though it might seem petty, the developer holds the key to the success of your app. Considering that you are going to be spending quite a lot on an app, do make sure that you have found the best app developer in the business.