Understanding the App Development outsourcing process

You have this brilliant idea for an App. In your mind you have visualized the design, its functionalities and cannot wait for your ideas to become a reality. You are convinced that outsourcing  is better than re-inventing the wheel in-house.  However outsourcing app development poses some threats.  It is important that you consider the following before choosing your outsourcing partner.

1. Communication:

For  your ideas  to be understood and implemented, it is vital that you communicate well with your development partners.   Many times you and the outsourcing providers may not be  in the same geo location and there may be a time difference causing gaps communication. Ensure that your partners understand your accent and you understand theirs. Ensure that there is a time overlap between your work hours and that of your developing partners. Ensure that the offsite has good video conferencing equipment. Bottom line, the mantra to a successful outsourcing mechanism is effective communication.

2. Expertise:

Do the people who you hire have the capability of doing what they claim?  Do they have a good work history? You need to really evaluate the expertise of the people before you assign the task or outsource your app project.  It may be worthwhile to invest a small amount for a test run, Ensure that they are  following the best coding standards and are paying attention to detail.  Ask for the resumes of the developers and interview some of the team members

3. Resources:

The outsourcing partners should have best app developers and have enough resources to backup their claims. Choose such an organization that has adequate human capital that are well trained and experienced.  They need to take care of the front end, back end, and the user interface, in addition to having a good Quality Assurance team.

Ensure that the above three criteria are met by you App Development offshore team

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