All You Need to Know about Kindle App Development

Technology has found its ways into every part of our life. It has drastically changed the way we live. No longer do people buy and read books and the newspaper rather they have moved to online newsletters and e-books. This phenomenon was largely brought on by the Amazon Kindle. The Amazon kindle is a series of devices for reading e-books which enable users to shop, buy and read books,  newsletters and blogs from the internet. With a steady increase in the number of Kindle users, Kindle app development is being taken up by some of the best app development companies in town. If you are thinking of entering the Kindle app development world here are some useful tips and guidelines which will help to make your journey a smooth one.

The Amazon App Store for Android Developer portal has a treasure trove of information. Read through the documentation and FAQs thoroughly and avail one of the best support systems available today. It is very important to be well informed about all the compatibility issues you are going to face and this is the one stop shop for this information.

Design your app for the specific size and resolution of the Kindle. You should be able to support large screens, where it should occupy full screen and render properly. Design your app according to the the hardware requirements of the device. Unlike your mobile devices and tablets, features like Bluetooth, GPS, micro SD, microphone, etc will not be supported. Make sure your app does not require these features to function, and if they do instead of forcing the user to exit the app, inform the user that the required functions are not supported.

Some of the other things you should keep in mind are, that you should design the app according to the requirements of your OS for the device and also you should reduce the number of permissions declared to only what is required as too many permissions might make your app incompatible with Kindle Fire. As any App development process would imply, test your app extensively on a Kindle device before releasing it. Ensure the user experience and interface is at  its best.

Small tweaks in an Android app can make it into a Kindle app, instantly expanding your reach. Next time you decide to build an Android app, you should give some serious thought about bringing it for Kindle.