Development Using Titanium

Though there are many tools are available for cross platform app development today,  only a few of them allow you to create an app that gives you a native feel. Titanium is undoubtedly one of them and that is why if you are thinking of building a cross platform app, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

From a rather humble beginning in 2006, Appcelertar’s growth has seen no bounds. Today over 500,000 people has registered for their development tool Titanium. Let us look into this phenomenon, and try and understand why Titanium seems to be leading the race among cross platform app development tools.

One of the biggest advantages of using Titanium for app development is the amount of time you can save. App development has never been quicker. Code re-usability is one major reason you should get on the Titanium train.

Coding for development is extremely easy and can be done with just JavaScript. This means who will be spending a lot less on development. Also, you get an amazing native app like interface, especially in Android and Apple devices and it is almost impossible to identify it as a cross platform app. It is extremely convenient to test and develop thanks to the native like development environment. You can also use Titanium to build an app on a single platform as well, allowing you to create maximum number of features, a superior interface and a platform specific app.

But do keep in mind that Titanium app development does has its disadvantages too. You will have to prepared for poor documentation, slow speed data transfer from remote sources and no support for third party libraries. You will not be truly “native” as you wont have access to all the features of the phone.

If you are looking to build a simple app without very complex graphics, I recommend you use Titanium. With the help of the best Titanium app developers in the business, you can build your cross platform app easier than ever before.