Understanding HTML 5 App Development

If you are thinking about building an application for your enterprise, you should definitely give some serious thought to HTML 5. HTML 5 is an extremely popular platform for development and makes way for a quick and cheap development process. According to Praveen Narra, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Indyzen Inc, HTML 5 app development might very well be the future of app development.

The main reason you should be looking into HTML 5 development is for the huge reach it will provide you. You can use a single code bank across all platforms. This is an attractive alternative to creating platform specific native apps which limit the number of users.

Another big advantage of HTML 5 app development is that you will not have to report to any App Store. You have complete independence to release and update your app as you wish. You are also free to chose the architecture and business model of the app on your own.

This requires the least time, expenditure and expertise. Coding can be done using common scripting languages, JS, HTML and CSS. HTML 5 along with CSS 3 comes with a whole new range of features. You can now design attractive UI elements and implement a sleek and modern design quite easily.

However enterprises have been quite reluctant to use HTML 5 for development.  HTML apps are generally slower than their native counterparts. User experience can be pretty poor on an HTML app and this can be a real out off for users. You cannot build complex apps like games using HTML5, rather it can be used only for designing website like applications.  Finally HTML 5 apps can be used only online.

HTML 5 app development has quite a few milestones to pass before it becomes a development standard. However, it remains the best platform to build simple apps for management and marketing purposes. It would be a great path to tread on if you are building your first app. Contact the best HTML 5 developers in the business today and create your dream application!