Application Development on the Cloud

Cloud computing is on everybody’s mind today. The cloud opens up a shower of opportunities for enterprises today and as the owner of an enterprise you should be taking a close look into what the cloud can offer you. Let us deconstruct cloud computing and analyse why smart phone application development is better on the cloud. Here is everything you need to know about application development on the cloud.

Application development is undoubtedly better on the cloud. The main advantages the cloud offers you are great speed and the economic relief. You can now remotely create development and testing environments without having to wait for the latest hardware and software to reach your office. You can move more quickly and easily into development. You no longer have to concern yourself with the background details and can just focus on your app.

Another huge benefit of developing on the cloud is the enormous opportunities for collaboration it opens up with the conglomeration of developers and designers out there.

So what do you need to know about application development on the cloud before jumping in? The first thing you need to be prepared for before getting on the cloud is the lack of reliability of the cloud. You cannot be completely dependent on your network and service providers because if your server is down, your application cannot be accessed. Have a contingency plan and back up in mind should your service provider fail you.

One of the biggest apprehensions of enterprises towards application development on the cloud is the security issue it poses. It is completely understandable, as moving to a cloud means putting up all your data and applications up there which is particular dangerous in a public cloud. So do think twice about the nature of the application before you chose to build it on the cloud. Not all applications are made for the cloud.

There are a lot of other issues you must also keep in mind. For one the infrastructure for developing on the cloud is not identical to infrastructure your developers are used to. Be prepared to have to learn quite a bit SQL, XML and new command line tools on the job. If you are planning to shift an app built on-site on to the cloud be ready to face quite a lot of problems during integration.

All the action is going to soon move to the cloud. Don’t get left behind. Talk to your app developers today about moving to the cloud.