Enhance App Development with Docker

The talk in the open source cloud world is about App Development with Docker(a new move towards Linux containers). Docker has the capacity to enhance cloud portability and update app development.

This open source project is the product of Docker Inc. previously called dotcloud, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) startup. It permits apps to be wrapped up in separate containers, depending on the Linux LXC usage.

Linux containers and LXC are already known, but what is new about Docker is it crafts those containers portable amidst various Linux distributions, and also various machine atmospheres, in virtual or physical; organized in public, private or hybrid cloud;or working on laptops.

As per Paul Burns, analyst with Neovise, Docker’s specialty enhances faster deployment and cloud portability for apps and other benefits. Docker has the ability to easily move apps amongst various cloud environments which was previously problematic. These features will permit you to put two apps on single cloud instance and help you achieve more effectiveness since you pay for only one cloud server.

At present, Docker does integrations with OpenShift Paas of Red Hat, OpenStack cloud management platform. eBay and Yandex are among the early adopters.

As per Saran Mandair, Paypal, Docker will be a great thing in future. PayPal is working with Docker. Mandair anticipates Docker to permit apps to be transferred from developer’s laptop to PayPal’s complete cloud environment without the need for changing the app or server reconfiguration. He looks at it as a big file which is self contained.

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