Control Android device using Physical movements

You can now control your Android device with physical movements by using latest Magus App.  This means that you can actually operate your Android device without touching it. It is pretty  similar to how camera on Moto X works.  App developers have been focusing on alternate methods to navigate and control devices by extending the extraordinary capability of the  internal device censors such as Proximity censor (which were earlier used only to avoid unintentional contact with the phones screen while you are on call).  The new iOS 7 can perform motion controls, this is possible by turning turn on the switch control with additional adaptive accessory.

Some of the most commonly used Sensors for motion detection are:

  • Location sources (Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular network)
  • Light sensors (Proximity Detection)
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope

Magus is the latest utility app for all Android devices and it is very simple to use, Magus’s design is based on regular phone gestures such as Face up, Face down, Right side up, Left side up, Top side up, and Bottom side up. Once Magus is active on your device, it lets you perform a lot of actions such as compose emails, mute audio, open default picture gallery, pause, and play music. You can also customize all your actions from the settings; then you can turn on and off or delete as you wish. Magus also has gravity sensor adjustments for sensitivity to activate the pocket protection and more. It also provides a lot more options to control your device.  Magus lets you take photos, record videos and few more options even when your device is locked.

Magus 1 Magus 2 Magus 3 Magus 4 Magus 5 Magus 6 Magus 7

Magus beta comes with both free and premium versions, listed below are the features of both free and premium version:

Magus free versions feature:

  • Voice recorder in stealth mode
  • Control music with pause and play options
  • Mute ring sound
  • Shortcut to open Image Gallery

Magus premium versions (with complete) features:

  • Lock and unlock device
  • Choose specific applications for launch
  • Take photos in stealth mode
  • Control music (play, pause, next, previous)
  • Record videos in stealth mode
  • Start a new email
  • Start a new text message
  • Answer and disconnect the calls
  • Turn the flashlight on and off
  • Dialing a number
  • Toggle between different audio profiles
  • Start camera
  • Run Google now application
  • Listen to the actual time

Soon, you can expect a lot more features integrated with Bluetooth. Let’s just hope for now that this app will be more successful and starts a new wave in this category.


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