What We Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Rumors are abuzz about the new Galaxy Note 4. A sequel to the Note 3, one of the best-selling phones of last year, the Note series promises to get bigger ( thankfully, not literally) and better.  Samsung, the most popular smartphone brand in the market, was quite daring with Note 3. This phone for the[…]

Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click? How to Get to the Top of the Search Results

You have probably heard the words SEO and PPC used very commonly among the internet community. But what are they and what do they really mean? Which is better for your enterprise and why? Want some answers? Read on.. SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the usage of certain “search friendly” words to bump[…]

Cortana: The Perfect Personal Assisstant

Mobile Operating Systems, iOS and Windows have always been competitive. With the widespread popularity of iOS’s personal assistance service Siri, it is not surprising that Windows 8.1 launches Cortana, their own personal assistant. All set to compete with Siri and Google Now let us take a look into Cortana, and what the future might hold[…]

How to Choose your App Developer

Once you have decided to build an app, you are forced to confront the most difficult challenge of the entire app development process. Choosing your app developer. This one decision can make or break your app. Confused on how to pick your developer? Here are some parameters you can use to rate your prospective developers[…]

Control Android device using Physical movements

You can now control your Android device with physical movements by using latest Magus App.  This means that you can actually operate your Android device without touching it. It is pretty  similar to how camera on Moto X works.  App developers have been focusing on alternate methods to navigate and control devices by extending the[…]