iPhone 5S, puts Apple on top again

The latest iPhones breaks all its previous sales record. This year Apple Inc launched couple of iPhones, the 5S and 5C, the sale has been strong to everyone’s surprise. Apple’s combined sale of both iPhone 5S and 5C is over 9 million in the first weekend after it hit the market. In a span of 10 days iPhone 5s and 5c sale has helped Apple break into the 40% of U.S. Smartphone market. The iPhone 5s has proven itself very popular throughout the world, making the retailers to ask Apple to send over emergency shipments as they have customers waiting for the phone.

The latest 9 million figure of iPhone 5S and 5C compares quite more favorably to the 5 million iPhone 5 sold last year in its opening weekend sale, whereas iPhone 4S sold out 4 million during 2011. However, its quiet difficult to make comparison year-over-year, as iPhone launch market has changed every year. Apple’s press release did not reveal what was the split between 5S and SC in the opening weekend sale, so it’s difficult to say how well the 5C or 5S did individually. But as per the localities’ analytics firm clearly estimates that iPhone 5C was outsold iPhone 5C by nearly three and a/half to one, On this account 5S has accounted for about 6.9 million out of 9 million record sale by Apple. This has made the company’s stock to jump up more 6% as pre market in light of the recent news, and the share price is approaching $500.

Sources from Apple have revealed that iTunes Radio has been of great success right from the word go and there are more than 11 million unique listeners. The launch weekend’s most listened song being is Drake’s track, “Hold on, We’re Going Home” The new mobile operating system by Apple, iOS 7, has also set  off to a really strong start, Already there are more than 200 million devices running iOS 7, just under a week of its launch. Apple reveled that iOS 7’s quick proliferation makes it the fastest ever software update adoption in history. And Apple is really pleased with the response it’s seen from its users.

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C has once again put Apple on top of Smartphone sellers since September in the U.S., and Samsung has slipped down since. Data’s from a Research has shown that iPhones has outsold Samsungs latest phones for the first time in six months.  And individually, the iPhone 5S is the best-selling phone, with Samsung Galaxy S4 as the second best-selling phone. The cheaper version 5C is in third spot. However the cheaper phone from Apple the iPhone 5C has not proved itself hugely popular with its buyers so far. This Christmas season Apple is looking sell iPhones very strong in the United States as the sale has been timed around the iPhones release for the past 3 years.

It is now very clear that not only has iOS arrived, it is here to stay. Your ideas will surely see the light of day if launched on iOS.

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