Micro Moments : Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

App development for Android, iPhone and Windows has been extensively used for increasing productivity in the workplace. So much so that, almost every department of an industry runs today smoothly thanks to either mobile or desktop applications. But now, the industry has found a new way of getting you to put in those crucial extra few minutes or even hours everyday. How? By micro-managing your time. You probably spend a good portion of the day repeatedly looking into their phone. Think about how much work you could get done if your mobile allowed you to perform simple tasks during this time. In the elevator, on the bus ride to work, during bathroom breaks and many more ‘moments’ could increase the productivity of your Enterprise manifold.

And it is not just about the extra time. It is also about choosing those tasks that can be handled on the move better, to clear up your actual work time for the heavy duty stuff. Suppose for example, you are looking at a defective product that you need to notify the production engineers about. Conventionally you will have to log on to your system, write a complaint about the faulty product and then wait for them to look into your complaint, acknowledge it and fix it and finally intimate you when the issue is resolved. What if you could simply take a picture of the faulty product, tag it and send it using a photo sharing application? It is mind boggling how many issues can be resolved into smaller tasks like this and subsequently be dealt in an easier and more elegant fashion.

Building a micro moment app is considerably different from your standard app development for Android, iOS and Windows. The User Interface and Experience, the functionality and design should all be centered around making the application relevant and useful even if it is just glanced at.

Being a relatively new phenomenon, the finer details are still up to you to decide. What kind of tasks mandate such an application, how will you manage the data associated with it, how to ensure security of the distributed information and so on are huge decisions you will have to make. However, one thing is for sure. 2015 is going to see huge boom in micro moment apps and you should seriously think about getting into the action. After all, what better way of improving both the morale and productivity of your team?