Sencha Space 1.2 : Application Management Platforms

The horizons of Cross Platform app development is broadening rapidly. More and more tools are now available in the market for smoothing and streamlining the journey from the conception of the idea to deployment of HTML5 apps. With HTML 5 application development booming, thanks to the enormous reach it promises and the exciting new tools you can work with, it probably is time to consider building a hybrid app.


The services Space offers are two fold:

  • They provide an app that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones, tablets and PCs for end users
  • They also provide an admin console for the app developers to manage and access the users’ data.

This platform essentially helps app developers build HTML 5 apps easily and ensure the application built has adequate security and impressive User Experience and Interface. It also provides for thorough testing.

There are tons of new exciting features this release offers. For one, you can now use this tool to create Desktop Client Applications, in addition to tablets, and smartphones. You can deploy the management capabilities of Space in a data center or private cloud. It offers dependable apps which do not lag and run quickly and effectively. They also offer remote testing for iOS and Android app developers. The new additions to the Space SDK expand the scope of Hybrid apps like never before.

Hybrid apps have always been an uneasy topic for application developers. Going by industry statistics, it is still clear that users prefer native applications and games. However, at the rate Cross Platform app development is growing, I will not be surprised if HTML 5 apps grow up from looking like mobile websites to feeling like a native app. Given the extreme need to be available across platforms, thanks to the wide dispersion of your target audience, it definitely is time to think about Cross Platform app development, the cheap and quick way.