Appcelerator Platform Update: A review

While Appcelerator’s Titanium is probably one of  their most famous products, the Appcelerator Platform has now been widely adopted by enterprises to build custom business applications. With apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram being extremely user friendly and well structured, developers have come under immense pressure to develop custom applications of that standard. Appcelerator Platform is one tool that helps developers build custom enterprise applications easily. And with their latest update, they have only made application development easier.


The new update gives developers increased flexibility while development and dealing with data. Earlier, they were required to use Titanium to  avail Appcelerator back-end services and analytics. However, Appcelerator has now released a native SDK for iOS and Android which allows them to consolidate their tools whether they were built on its platform or not. You can use their dashboard to manage all aspects of your project.

The update also featured the release of Appcelerator’s API Builder. This allows developers to take data from databases for their mobile applications or even for direct use of the customers.

The new Appcelerator Platform also sees improved analytics making it easier to create views and funnels. It also facilitates the use of the platform in a private cloud for enterprises that comply to regulations that prevent them from using off-premise hosting.

Custom applications have always been a challenge to both Android application developers and iOS application developers alike. With Appcelerator Platform, developers can now build a cross platform custom application with ease.