Sencha Space 1.2 : Application Management Platforms

The horizons of Cross Platform app development is broadening rapidly. More and more tools are now available in the market for smoothing and streamlining the journey from the conception of the idea to deployment of HTML5 apps. With HTML 5 application development booming, thanks to the enormous reach it promises and the exciting new tools[…]

Marmalade 7.4: Great Strides in Cross Platform App Development

The Marmalade SDK, previously known as the Airplay SDK,   is a cross platform application development kit and game engine to test, develop and deploy applications for mobile devices. This follows the basic principle of a cross platform development tool of write once, run anywhere. This way, development for multiple platforms can be carried out[…]

Xamarin and Cross Platform App Development

When it comes to choosing between native app development or  cross platform app development, developers prefer native apps for their look and feel and more importantly, because a native app can access native features of the phone. By making this choice, developers lose out on the enormous reach a cross platform app can provide. If[…]