Majority of Android devices to be powered by Gingerbread

This is the first time for majority of Android devices to use Gingerbread as Google release the December numbers breakup for the Android ecosystem. The Gingerbread 2.3-2.3.7 significantly grew from 43.9% last month to 50.6% which took a huge lead over the Android 2.2 for the first time. Froyo however dropped at least 5.4% to a mere 35.3% on all the Android devices.

Android platform have been introduced by Google which adds more to the reliability and ease of access for high quality and excellent Android applications. This in fact shows the growing industry of Android app development of which part of the major development is geared towards creating new and innovative applications that are competitive in the market. But the consolidation of the Android environment is gradually accelerating which was proven when Gingerbread has overtaken Froyo and for the first time in months, a double digit lead was achieved by Gingerbread over Éclair and Ice Cream Sandwich is yet to make its statement in numbers.

The good news is that Android app development has always been an open source. So regardless of the operating systems, the Android system will still provide free utilization of resources for app development and programming as well as the distribution of newly developed applications. The support provided by professional developers to beginners make Android applications easily available for a specially targeted market segment. And the growing participation of Gingerbread in the Android platform will certainly bring big changes in the game. Ice Cream Sandwich was just recently released which made the Android 4.0 version. And because this is still young, its potentials are yet to be seen if it will be able to beat Gingerbread sometime in the future.

One of the essential aspects of Android platform is that it provides no limits or restrictions. Either it’s Froyo, Gingerbread, Éclair, or Ice Cream, Android users are expected to experience a number of positive innovation to better improve the Android experience regardless of the operating system. And since Android has always been an open source platform, this offers easy access for principal functionality of the mobile application. This means that more functional and highly competitive applications can be developed which can compete with other over rated applications in the market today. Android app development has been simplified by reducing the number of steps needed to create a particular application. With a simplified process, there is no need to use special tools that are only available to a number of developers.

The public is yet to see other Android innovations in the future but at present, the Android market is already enjoying its share of profits from those who continue to patronize their products over their competitors. But as the market shifts and new products are created, much more are yet to be seen especially when Android product hit the market with Gingerbread in it.

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