Will the Kindle Fire Apps gain traction In the App market?

Way ahead from releasing the Kindle Fire to the public, Amazon already introduced updates to its app store. The move is to provide users with best possible experience in order to compensate the shortcomings that the tablet may have against other leading brands. The online marketplace enhanced the user interface of its app store to harmonize with the overall look of Kindle Fire and they also put in support for in – app procurements. Amazon also introduced performance tweaks which others thought to be an aggressive marketing move for the online retailer to market Kindle Fire. However, even with its seemingly powerful content and software packaging, Kindle Fire may have a shortage of mobile apps when fully launched.

Kindle Fire operates using a specialized Android version. This enables the tablet to have a fully optimized performance but developers need to update their apps to achieve compatibility with the OS platform. Consumer preferred applications like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, as well as other popular games like Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja will be available. But the selection of apps really pales in comparison to other tablet brands like Galaxy Tab and iPad from Samsung and Apple.

Pre-orders for Kindle Fire have been significantly high which positively rates consumer interests. This also can be a good indicator about the possibility of various apps showing in the near future. This can happen when App developers become equally interested in making their apps available to a new market niche which can provide them a wider market share should Kindle Fire really make it big months after its release. For the meantime, Amazon will be giving special offers to attract more customers who are more likely to be uncertain in investing in Kindle Fire because of the possibility of app shortage and a short list of app catalog. Customers that will purchase Kindle Fire will receive Amazon Prime for a month and they will also have access to 13,000 free online streaming of movies and TV shows. In addition to that, Amazon will also offer access to Personal Library that will give consumers the opportunity to read one book per month without charge.

Depending on how you see this, the wide range of offers from Amazon may compensate its poor app library for a while. But if Kindle Fire apps fail to gain traction and do not take off just like what tech analysts have anticipated, the glaring shortage of content and software in the app store will certainly have a negative impact on the device. Soon, the lack of a comprehensive app library will be viewed in negative light and it will not be a good publicity for Kindle Fire and is more likely to hurt the company’s attempt to establish a formidable market share in the tablet industry.

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