The possibility of running WebOS on Android devices

Some people are more inclined on loading WebOS on their Android devices especially when Hewlett Packard already announced their plans to make the WebOS software an open source platform. On the 9th of December 2011, HP announced that the company is planning to make the code of WebOS to be available in an open source license. The company is also keen on becoming an active participant as well as a major investor in the project. Android developers and WebOS aficionados are now looking forward on the possibility of Android phones being loaded with WebOS software.

An individual posted on PreCentral Forum that “…I’m sure this is a little ways off but it would be great if this means we can essentially put webOS on the devices of our choosing like Droid 2 with webOS.” Another one posted on XDA Developers forum, “I’d love to see webOS on my Nexus S.” WebOS was acquired by HP when Palm was purchased in 2010 for $1.2 billion. Ever since their acquisition, HP has long been trying to figure out how the company would be able to make good of their investment after a series of failure in the tablet and smart phone market.

Meg Whitman, Chief Executive of HP said that the company has explored a number of viable options for WebOS and this includes either a sale or a total shut down of the division. HP has then decided to make the software available in an open source license but they haven’t yet finalized any terms for the licensing deal they are planning to offer. When it comes to open source licensing structure, there are lots of model projects that can be adapted including Mozilla browser and Android. The company is also planning to request for ideas from developers before they finally decide on the terms of licensing.

Meg Whitman said that “…we (HP) like the adoption of Android. It’s growing like wildfire with a big developer community and hardware community,” adding that Hewlett Packard is keen on avoiding software fragmentation which is currently one of the persisting problems on Android. Google Android as one of the most utilized mobile system ranging more than 550,000 Android devices being activate on a daily basis. The WebOS being offered by HP could become the solution to ease the apprehension of several companies that Google Android may become a direct competitor especially in the smart phone market after it purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

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